Übermut - "das vermessene Vertrauen eines Menschen auf seine eigenen Kräfte“ - Friedrich Kirchner, Philosoph 1845-1900

The english meaning of Übermut: "ueber" means over the top and “Mut” means courage. So its something like “high spirits” I suppose.

My name is Christian Lutz, serial entrepreneur in internet based tech companies, and I founded in 2003 UBER.MUT as my investment vehicle for private funding activities 2003-2013. Companies that ueber.mut had interest in included:

   Impossible Project - Polaroid film resurrection

   RJDJ.ME - a music revolution

   Fatfoogoo.com - ingame commerce SaaS for game companies 

   Soup.io - collect web assets in one place

   Swissies - healthy children shoes

   ucp morgen / Qpass - mobile content delivery SaaS for Telcoęs

   uboot.com – a huge (7mio users) youth community portal

   Sysis wireless - mobile games

   sms.at - sms platform

   Telepong - the first linux based mobile phone (2000!)

and some others.

after 10 years I stopped the operation of the fund, because all companies somehow were either sold or failed (2). Overall this fund was my huge personal success, mainly driven by UCP/QPASS exit and FATFOOGOO exit, and I lost some cash with Swissies and Soup.io. It was an exciting learning and adventure in SaaS, consumer, retail, production, online/offline across many industries.  

And I realized while running so many things at the same time, that I really want to build again my own thing, focus on it and push this to success.

That’s why I went out of all boards and advisory roles (1 exeception)  and again launched a new venture in 2013 with some heavy duty tech boys, an exciting deep tech startup: www.crate.io

I donęt take new investment ideas or proposals for the time being, I am fully focussed on CrateDB.

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